Little old Aotearoa is uniquely positioned to be the prototype capital of the world.


What are we basing this on?

The number 8 wire culture we have grown up with has taught us to use our initiative. When you combine technical skill and the attitude to think outside the square you get what we’d like to think of as self-starting problem solvers.

New products need this. But first you need proof of concept, that’s where the prototype part comes in.


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Why in New Zealand then?

Comparing us globally with the manufacturing giants of Asia our scale positions us best suited to smaller runs. We don’t have the same manufacturing robots and horrifically expensive machinery you’ll find over the other side of the world. We don’t need it, our market isn’t big enough to justify it.

In contrast, the global manufacturing giants can’t do small runs easily because they have these large, expensive machines to feed.


Caption: We make retail fixtures and builds for some global brands that began here in NZ.

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So how does NZ export this?

The rest of the world wants NZ Made products that are clean and green as this has been our export proposition for the last 2 decades, or more. Now consider our ability to solve problems and our suitability to small runs and you have an excellent capacity to offer unique prototyping as an export offer as well.



Think about it. We can spend the time to perfect a product with our out-of-the-box thinking. Next, we’re the obvious choice to make a test run of say 20 to 50. Well this quantity is a good number in New Zealand when you’re talking retail fixtures and custom builds like we do at Three Sixty.

With everything in-house – design, manufacture, installation and maintenance, it means we can maintain quality control, cost control, control over deadline and offer fast response too.

If you can dream it we can make it,
We make the seemingly impossible happen – Every day



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