As a business owner or someone responsible for a successful fitout think about placing safety ahead of everything, then deadline, quality & finally profit.

Why in this order? Surely this isn’t as good for business.





There are a lot of important reasons, but the most important are: firstly your staff are key to the success and continuity of your business and if they are off work they can’t help you; Then of course the compliance laws have recently tightened up where the Directors of a company will be personally liable if serious injury in the workplace can be pointed back to any type of negligence for a person’s safety. This includes the health & safety of your customers too.

Invest in compliance and health & safety by selecting a fitout contractor that has a focus in this area. Ask if all of their site team is site safe approved and specialists have up-to-date working at heights licences. Ask for evidence of General Liability and Professional Liability insurance cover for your overall piece of mind.




Opening on time is critical for any business. So, deadline is a critical factor. Late openings are disruptive as paying two sets of rent is unnecessarily costly. Continuity in business, the promises to customers through your marketing and the momentum and morale of your team is affected when the big new move doesn’t go to plan, so make sure you select a fitout contractor that will meet your deadline. Once you have moved in, if there is some minor adjustment you would like, fine tuning can be done after hours.

As an added benefit, you would want your fitout to be run by a contractor already inducted into all major malls & centres through their regular installations so they are not affected by delays that can be caused from red tape either.


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At Three Sixty we plan upfront for success, we stand by our products, we invest extensively in Health & safety and we always meet our time frames. We design to consider the life cycle of your fixtures by building with powder coated aluminium subframes. This allows the fixtures we make to be recycled and reskinned with your new brand as your marketing evolves. Some of our fixtures are still in the market 7 to 10 years later, still looking a good as the day they were installed.


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We take a partnership approach where you get what we say you will get, for the price we agree to. When we do a great job, time and time again, you continue to come back to us, and that’s our plan.

So, you see it does make good sense to put our focus in this priority order. In doing so we play the long game, and this makes our business good for you and sustainable for us.


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