What does this mean?
Whilst Covid has had a seriously unpredictable impact on the way everyone does business, it is not the new norm. Businesses are not expecting to change their operations to meet a once in 100 year crisis, rather they need to learn from recent consumer behaviours

We’re not all going to start selling facemasks, sanitisers and home office set-ups. What we are going to learn from this, is consumers will define what we need to sell through their buying. Whilst we can have an influence on their behaviour, we cannot control it, or predict it accurately. We’re all in the same boat with what is largely a guessing game.

So, what this means is we all need to have the ability to change as behaviours do.

Three sixty have been designing flexible shop fixtures for more than 20 years. No this doesn’t mean we make rubber display stands most of the time. For consumer electronics we have ensured that benchtops can be easily changed to new configurations of power, data and security so the range on display can be changed quickly and cost-effectively.

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Digital price ticketing can be integrated into the benchtop to ensure prices can change as quickly as Head Office require it.

Electronic cabinet keys are coded uniquely to your store by your team for heightened security and re-use.

Aluminium subframes provide the structure. We then hang sides and branding panels with special clips allowing you to change the look and feel quickly and be repurposed over and over. There is a proven long term saving with this method of innovation.

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Then of course we offer different slat-wall and hang-sell solutions that can clip to the subframes too, offering even more flexibility.

The products we design are often in the market for up to 10 years as we can quickly re-powder coat and hang new sides and branding over and over again.

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This isn’t always the best for our sales team, but it is best for our customers, and actually has proven to be good for our business too, as once our customers try us they tend to stay with us.
We don’t really have a sales team we have Account Managers who are all qualified spatial and product designers. So, if you would like to have a free session with one of our designers get in-touch, they’re here to help you.



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