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You deserve success, right? Of course, you plan to succeed, but first you must succeed to plan. This is so important as even the best planned out commercial fit-outs can be faced with on-the-job unforeseen problems that need to be solved. Without a strong plan it can become way more expensive, very quickly. The trick is to share your plan with an experienced fit-out operator who understands your needs and has already faced the types of challenges you will encounter, so can quickly react in your favour.

Secure the right location, leasing
Everyone is looking for that Unicorn that consists of the perfect mix of foot traffic and space. Regardless of how much time it takes you to find the location that suits you have a fit-out operator in mind who is prepared to visit a potential site with you and share their insights in what it will take to bring it up to your expectations. Think of this as a little like a building report. This free advice can provide you with some great tools for negotiating that perfect deal, increased landlord improvements and even rent holidays.

With a well set out design overview and materials story board it is possible to obtain advice on how far your budget will go for a particular space. Speak with your fit-out operator early, ideally whist they are viewing the site with you prior to signing. Be sure to be open to discuss the suitability of your budget early as you will not want to find your expectations for a Tesla only allows for a Prius with a new badge. Your designer will help you with a design overview and material story board.

Design starts with understanding how your space needs to operate, the activities that need to take place, the people who share it and the feeling they should have whilst in the environment. All of this comes down to ensuring the space reflects your brand promise. If your promise is lowest price, then exposed flooring and raw materials could suit. More premium finishes are required to reflect a more premium offering. Designers and fit-out operators often work together, there is a very good reason for this, as good designers are constantly checking in with the ones who have to build the space to ensure their design vision can be delivered in budget and on time.

Regulations and compliance
Consent or no consent? Code of Acceptance or Code of Compliance? PS3 or PS4? Building codes and fire egress? Who do you need to inform? The right designer and fit-out team will be able to answer all of these questions for you and even handle the consenting documents and process, if required. There is a minefield of things to consider: As a very general rule, small fitouts that do not move structure or plumbing are often not in need of a consent; Weighted fixtures can not be screwed into load bearing studs or beams and will need alternative non-piercing physical fixings, or be free standing; New sinks will need to ensure there is enough fall to the closest drain affecting bench heights; Where is the power coming from and is the loading up to the task? You will want to draw down on some great experience when weighing up the real costs of a site, so be sure to have your lease draft ready to share as early as possible with your fit-out and designer team.

Deadlines, Schedules, Project Management, H+S and Project Cost Actuals
There are 2 certainties in life: Death and Taxes. Well there is also a third and it’s rent falls due. So opening on time is critical. The only thing that might stand in the way of opening on time should be safety. So ensure you have a clear Health + Safety plan so this isn’t a barrier. Your most important person for your site is your Project Manager (PM). They will ensure that contractors and materials turn up on site at the right times, are right, are doing the right jobs and the costs are kept to the budget. Some good fit-out companies have PMs on the tools so they are not an added cost. Your fit-out operator will dedicate your fit-out team and can ensure you receive all of this to ensure the barriers that can be planned for are eliminated.

Due Date, Successful Completion and Handover
Due date, successful completion and handover are often set as the same dates. Don’t fall into this trap. On the due date you will need to allow yourself the time to inspect that your site meets your expectations. Successful completion can only be agreed once final adjustments have been made, if necessary. The handover is when you are both happy with the outcome. Ideally allow 1 week for this process before you move in your furniture and stock, and if you negotiate well your rent starts now.

Choosing the right fit-out operators
However, you plan to plan, the people delivering your vision to the physical space are the key to getting this right from the beginning. Our team of Account Managers are qualified spatial and product designers, so you are always dealing with the people who are in the know to start your fit-out project on the right path. Give us a call, there is no cost to do this at the earliest of stages. In fact, there could well be a cost if you don’t.



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